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las aventuras de David Santiago del Bosque

I'm a 2nd-generation Taiwanese-American husband and father, in my late-thirties, employed as a product development engineer by Caterpillar in Peoria.   I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and St. Louis, followed by 8 yrs in engineering higher education in LA/Orange County, 2.5 yrs planting a church among contemporary Aztecs in Veracruz, Mexico, and 4 yrs in seminary in Chicago where I met and married my wife Monica. She hails from Nebraska and graciously followed me to the cultural mecca of central Illinois, as I returned to engineering.   Our two boys are Samuel Austin (born June 2003) and Nathan James (born August 2005), and they are the cutest organisms on the planet.

I play the guitar, and am learning to play the hammered dulcimer.   I enjoy singing, but have pretty much a campfire voice, kind of a thin, reedy baritone.   I still get carded, which is nice.   I love to read, and I'm always looking for good book recommendations.

While I no longer claim fluency in Spanish, I can still hold my own, and eagerly welcome opportunities to converse/correspond en el idioma.   Así que, échamela si la tienes...

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