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Y aconteció en aquellos días…
las aventuras de David Santiago del Bosque
After three nights of four hours of sleep, finished writing at 2 AM this morning. Preached three services, and had some great times praying for people after the services. Slept four hours this afternoon, and then Mike, Robin and their kids came over for a wonderful beef stew that Monica made. It's been a good week.

Here's the sermon, on solitude.

Feedback welcome, particularly critical feedback.

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Crossposted from a comment I left on sjepearson03's lj:

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We had a retaining wall put in this week, comprised of 76 landscaping timbers (6"x6"x8'), and backfilled with 18 tons of gravel and 68 tons of fill dirt. They just finished it last night. Now we have a little backyard, and our house will not fall off the hill. Yay.

Late yesterday my pastor called me and asked if I was interested in pulpit-fill preaching on Oct 8, as he'll be in CO at a spiritual direction retreat led by Larry Crabb [jealous]. I'm gonna let him know this Sunday. It's a good opportunity to preach on, say, the Kingdom of God, but I don't want to say yes unless I really have something to bring, you know? I don't feel as if just pulling out some old sermon I once preached is gonna work for me here.

Please pray that God and I would have a good conversation about this between now and Sunday.

Off to men's group. Egads, I'm still not used to meeting this early.

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From an email I sent to a friend yesterday:

For our anniversary, M got me a book about one man's healing and transformative friendship with Mr. Rogers, entitled "I'm Proud Of You." It was the perfect gift. I read the first chapter out loud to M on Sat AM and we were both crying by the end.

Five years ago I was a Catechist and worship leader at an Anglican church in Chicago under William Beasley (formerly the Rector of Church of the Resurrection in Glen Ellyn), who did his MDiv at Yale and studied under Nouwen there. When I found that out, I thought, "well, that makes perfect sense" - the stamp of Nouwen's influence on a person, particularly a man, I think is unmistakable. When I found out from M's book that Mr. Rogers and Nouwen were also good friends, I had the same reaction.

Mr. Rogers and Henri Nouwen are reminding me that hospitality is about creating, in our own hearts, a space for other people to explore who they are and what God is saying to them, how he is reaching out to them - and how, when they explore that with us, they are giving us a precious gift. And believing that is what makes welcoming, active listening a part of real ministry and Christian community, rather than just some kind of technique or salesmanship.

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Anybody out there interested in seeing Over the Rhine in St Louis (Blueberry Hill) tomorrow night? M and the boys are going to Nebraska for the wknd.
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I've taken the week off, and M and I are going to a Vineyard regional conference in Chicago Tu-Fr. We've been general fans of Vineyard conferences since the late 90s, when I got to tag along with Steve Nick to the national pastors conference in Anaheim (and became a devotee of Don Williams and Dallas Willard), and M began what has since become her yearly pilgrimage to the Chicagoland womens conferences. Good teaching from leading-edge thinkers, great people, and personal ministry of, at times, surprising power. It'll be such fun to hook up with old friends from Chambana/Minneapolis/Chicago/et al. But mostly, I'm going for the ideas, having been in something of a theological wasteland of late. Big-picture teaching on kingdom theology/inaugurated eschatology and Christian community, at once theologically robust and in-the-trenches practical. Particularly looking forward to Don's workshops on addictions, and Rick Olmstead's on developing pastoral leaders.

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Hence, this conference.

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File this one under "realizing I have no idea what a guitar is."

I'm speechless before this guy...

Any guesses as to what tuning he's in? I say open-D or DADGAD...

ETA: Well, I was way off: he's in FACFCF. Props to him for replying promptly to comments left on his YouTube.

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I know you've been wondering what they've been up to at the Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, since they obviously haven't been wasting time spiffing up their website. With a hat tip to chanchal's post, I am happy to assuage your curiosity:

After introducing certain HIV and Hepatitis B gene fragments into tomato plants, the tomatoes produce corresponding proteins which lead to antibody production in the body. Mice fed the tomatoes were found to have high levels of antibodies to both HIV and HBV - a promising result, evocative as it is of a potential oral, unrefrigerated vaccine for humans.

Here's a link.

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So M's painting the front room (e.g. office / music room / adult room) this awesome mustard gold color. It looks fabulous. Pictures to come upon completion.

Went to see A Prairie Home Companion last night. Haven't loved a movie that much in quite a while - since LotR, I think. I cried almost every time Meryl Streep sang. The movie is such a home-spun Midwestern take on loss, longing, death, pressing on when Things Fall Apart. I've been just fondling this movie in my mind since I saw it; that's the best word for it, absent weird sexual connotations.

I was a little surprised, and pleasantly, that Keillor didn't make himself out to be more of a hero in the script; he's a heart breaker, detached, and yet also the astute, perceptive master of ceremonies who keeps everything running smoothly. Loved the banter amongst him, Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, and Lindsey Lohan. And Dusty and Lefty were hilarious. Kevin Kline never quite does it for me, but his Guy Noir is goofy-likable enough.

M just informed me, You're not my favorite person right now, because I'm not helping get ready for church, so I'll bid you farewell.

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Went running again this morning with Mike, and then biked over to the James Henry trail behind ICC for a little hiking. This trail was cleared and developed by the late, eponymous bio prof at ICC, which duly impresses me - how many profs do you know develop nature trails for their students in their spare time? On our way back to our bikes, we cut through a new subdivision they're putting up near ICC - 60 little postage stamp lots; some of them no more than 40 feet from curb to treeline (above the ravine). Can you imagine, a 40' lot front to back? Craziness.

Robin went over to our house to help M paint, while Mike and I did the Mr. Mom thing at their house with our boys. Spent a lot of time outside with the slip 'n slide, and with a hose running down the playset slide. Fun stuff. We so need to get a slip 'n slide. Although, Sam is so tentative; Andrew and Collin are going down the slide and the slip and slide, and Sam wouldn't do either. He just stood up at the top and sprayed the water all around the place. I finally half dragged him down the slide, thinking he might get into it, but instead he informed me in no uncertain terms "I'm not going down the slide. No more. I'm not going down the slide again. No thank you." He did try going across the monkey bars though, which was cool. And a little scarier for me.

So Kerkorian is trying to talk GM's board into merging with Nissan and Renault, which probably means Wagoner would cede control to Ghosn, the guy who turned Nissan around a few years ago. GM shares are up 9% on the news. Would be interesting - I wonder how it would impact GM's engine business with Caterpillar.

In other news...

You Are Root Beer

Ultra sweet and innocent, you have a subtle complexity behind your sugary front.
Children love you, but so do high end snobs... when you're brewed right.

Your best soda compatibility match: Dr. Pepper

Stay away from: Diet Coke

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Peoria now has its own craigslist page. If you don't know craigslist, you can learn about it here; they're sort of the google of online classifieds (in terms of company mission, style, execution, and popularity).

I've wanted Peoria to have a craigslist since we moved here - actually thought about it every several months, checking in to see if there was one, but of course there wasn't... until now.

June was a good month for communities getting on craigslist - typically it's been the province of the San Franciscos and Bostons and Parises and Seouls. But this month, the Quad Cities, Lincoln NE, Duluth MN, Scranton PA, and Brownsville TX all went live - as did Jakarta, Helsinki, Caracas, Wellington, Beirut (!), and almost a hundred other cities.

It's such a useful site, as long as people are aware of it and use it. Those of you in the Peoria area are hereby commanded to go sell/buy/post stuff.

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"The debate [on global warming] in the scientific community is over." - Al Gore in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC

"There Is No 'Consensus' on Global Warming" - Title of opinion piece on page A14 of the Mon 6-26 WSJ, by Richard Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT

You can read the article here through July 6 [ETA: this link was nonfunctional for nonsubscribers, but now it works.] Dr. Lindzen's three conclusions, lifted here verbatim, are:

1) Nonscientists generally do not want to bother with understanding the science. Claims of 'consensus' relieve policy types, environmental advocates and politicians of any need to do so. Such claims also serve to intimidate the public and even scientists - esp. those outside the area of climate dynamics.

2) Given that the question of human attribution largely cannot be resolved, its use in promoting visions of disaster constitutes nothing so much as a bait-and-switch scam. That is an inauspicious beginning to what Mr. Gore claims is not a political issue but a moral crusade.

3) There is a clear attempt to establish truth not by scientific methods but by perpetual repetition.

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crossposted from a comment in this thread in mommyhood's lj, in response to the following remark:

...when he went to med school, he was taught that if a woman comes into his office complaining of more than one symptom, he should just prescribe an anti-depressant.

There's a review in 6-24's WSJ of Artificial Happiness by Dr. Ronald Dworkin, an MD (anesthesiologist) who also holds a PhD in political philosophy, on how we became a society characterized by overprescribed antidepressants (more than 15% of Americans now use Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil or Wellbutrin). He describes the move from early 20th century family doctors providing holistic, general-practitioner care as physician-father-confessor types, to medical specialization and the increasing scientification of medical treatment, where 80% of doctors by the 1970s were some kind of -ologist, and the personal perspective on the patient's general well-being got kinda lost, as social and emotional difficulties were relegated to social workers and psychiatrists. The public backlash against their doctors ignoring everyday health concerns such as depression prompted the specialized medical-scientific response of: neurotransmitter management via psychotropics.

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Gotta go; I'm late for work...

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Took the last couple of days off work for the stomach flu. Slept all day Thu and into Fri except for getting up for the runs and to have soup. Pepto and Imodium work wonders. "Better than a cork," as they say.

Feel much better today. Ran 3 mi and it was much easier than last time.

The Habels are coming up from Urbana to take in a Chiefs game with us. They're spending the night and then visiting our church in the morning, which means we had to clean up a corner of our messy, messy house so they'd at least have a flat surface to sleep on. It'll be great to see them again - of course I saw them at Phil's tenure-track party last month, but didn't really get much of a chance to talk to them.

Feels good to clean up around here with M. She did the laundry, dishes, family room and kitchen, and the Habels' bedroom, and I did the financials, filing, office organization and yardwork. Feels so much better to have what feels like livable space, and to feel like we're on the same team. Our bedroom is still a disaster, but we'll take what we can get.

Emotional Intelligence and Integrity are proving to be two very stimulating and helpful books, for me personally and for our marriage. Which reminds me, I need to sketch out a study for small group tomorrow from Integrity. We have the best discussions - I'll have to post about them tomorrow night.

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Happy Memorial Day. Good gracious me, it's hot outside.

M and the boys are almost home. I've been going half out of my mind waiting for them to come back from StL/Memphis/Houston/Brownsville/wherever-else-they've-been-these-last-couple-of-weeks. I've completely forgotten how to be single... The first week or so wasn't bad; got some projects done and did a lot of reading, which I never feel I have enough time for - but this last week, and esp. the holiday weekend, everybody's with their families and I just feel pathetically adrift. Doesn't help that M and I started weaning ourselves off of Effexor last week; we're both down to dosing about every 1.5-2 days, rather than every day. That stuff really does mess with your head. Interestingly, I'm experiencing the same decreased-need-for-sleep that I did when I started taking it. Appears to be a side effect of changing neurotransmitter levels, in either direction.

On a brighter note, Mike's got me up to running 3mi on relatively hilly, uneven grass (at ICC). For me, that's a lot. I plan to do 3mi 3x this week, get a 4mi in early next week, and then hopefully I'll be in good shape for the Steamboat 4mi.

Gonna take Sammy swimming at the Y when they get home here. Can NOT wait to see him.

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