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Brrr - Y aconteció en aquellos días…
las aventuras de David Santiago del Bosque
Well, that was stupid.

Attempted to make it to my 5:30A mens group at Perkins this morning, since nobody had said it was canceled and I didn't bother to check myself last night. I opened my garage door onto about 3" of snow on the driveway, and for some reason I thought, "that's OK; I'll be fine once I get out to the main roads." Got down the driveway but couldn't make it out of the cul-de-sac. That's when I realized that the 3" in the lee of my garage door was more like 5-6" on the street, and it was coming down hard. Then I couldn't get back up the driveway. Uh oh.

I hadn't realized how hard it was snowing, because the wind (20mph?) pulverized what was coming down, making it just look like blown snow. Spent the next hour trying to get my car back into the garage, or at least out of the street, frantically digging out the tires and underneath the car with a trowel, and shoveling, and then trying to get back up the driveway, to no avail. Dig, spin tires, back up, repeat. It was snowing hard enough to fill up what I was shoveling. In the intervening minutes. And what a wind; holy cow, it was cold. Eventually had to drag Monica out of bed, and enlist the help of a friendly neighbor (Fox) to help push my car up the driveway, which we were able to do, to my amazement.

So now I'm gonna sit down to a nice hot tea and comfort myself with some obscure German religious philosophy (since I'm apparently not going to work this morning). Picked up Buber's I And Thou on j3npayn3's recommendation.

From the translator's prologue,

The style of Ich und Du is anything but sparse and unpretentious, lean or economical. It represents a late flowering of romanticism and tends to blur all contours in the twilight of suggestive but extremely unclear language. Most of Buber's German readers would be quite incapable of saying what any number of the passages probably mean.

Now does that sound like a good time, or what?

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bigcat2k From: bigcat2k Date: December 1st, 2006 07:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
What a great week it would be for me if I had a snow-day, with new video games to play and books to read.

Oddly though, I'm reading all these Illinois blogs about the snow, but in Minneapolis we are snow-less.

Another Oddity is that I think I had more snow-days or "cold days" in the Peoria area than I did in the middle of nowhere-ville 30 minutes north of Champaign.

That book actually does sound interesting.
tehuatzi From: tehuatzi Date: December 2nd, 2006 01:24 am (UTC) (Link)
Neighbors were telling me this was District 150's first snow day in five or six years.

Congrats on being snow-less.

I'll post more about the book when I've actually read appreciable amounts of it.
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